We started going through our stuff to figure out what we want to take with us to Taiwan.  Since it will be hard to bring most of it with us on the plane, we’ve decided to donate a lot of it.  It’s so overwhelming to go through all the stuff we’ve accumulated and trying to decide what to give up.  We’ve only finished filtering our clothing and next we will pick through our books.  Because there is so much stuff it’s a little hard to focus on going through one thing (it took forever to do clothes)!  We will be moving out of our apartment at the end of this month and will be staying with a friend until we leave on the 9th of September.  Crunch time is almost here and I don’t know how we are gonna get rid of it all! On a side-note, I like to crochet and have accumulated a mountain of yarn.  How can I part with it?! I know they will have yarn in Taiwan, but for some reason it’s hard for me to imagine giving it all away. haha, oh well. Luckily Matt doesn’t really have a lot of stuff (aside from his obsession with black socks). Thanks for reading!  Wish us luck on packing. ❤ Meghan